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Bootleg ‘Botox’ and Folly Fillers~ Trend or Terror?

Dr. Spence specializes in revisionary facial plastic surgery and he is seeing a dramatic increase in the number of patients coming to him with facial deformities, serious infections, and in some cases irreversible damage after being injected with bootleg “Botox” … Continue reading

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How Does Skin Type Affect Surgery?

Florida is one of the most diverse states in the nation, and that comes into play a lot when I evaluate plastic surgery patients. When planning for a procedure like a facelift at my Orlando practice, I take into account … Continue reading

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3 Differences Between Facelift & MACS Lift

Many of my cosmetic surgery patients in Orlando come to me wondering whether they are candidates for facelift surgery. In some cases, if the patient does not have the skin laxity for a traditional facelift, that person may be a … Continue reading

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The Seasons of Facial Enhancement

  As a facial plastic surgeon in sunny Orlando, FL, one question I hear often is, “Are some cosmetic procedures better suited to certain times of the year?” The answer, like a lot of things in cosmetic surgery, is, “it … Continue reading

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